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Understanding symptoms, treating the cause.

Symptoms may be a sign that emotional defenses, or coping strategies are overwhelmed. Symptoms may be triggered by a personal crisis, a traumatic event, or may have a more pervasive component. Symptoms can range from:​
social anxiety
body image problems
self-esteem issues
panic attacks
destructive behaviors
creative blocks
eating disorders
unresolved grief
excessive worry
feeling stuck in life
sexual concerns
career struggles
life transition difficulties

When the cause is not treated.

When the cause of the symptoms is not examined and not worked through, patients may continue to suffer with the reoccurrence of symptoms, and may experience:
  • difficulty developing stable relationships or;
  • difficulty being proud of his/her own identity and unique aptitudes or;
  • difficulty tolerating frustration and disappointment in relationships or;
  • difficulty maintaining a stable sense of worth, and to function independently.
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